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Happy Friday from the East Coast! I can’t even tell you how good it feels to be back in the land of fall weather, Penn State football and apple cider. People, Hawaii looks good on the internet, but there is nothing quite like Pennsylvania in the fall 🙂

Let’s dig right in to the nitty gritty…

1. Last week, I was invited to our local Kate Spade in Honolulu for the official launch of Leopard Leopard Leopard with a few other local bloggers. We shopped, snacked and checked out the beautiful new leopard print pieces. Kate has outdone herself…I wanted one of everything! Halley from The Salty Blonde was there dishing on social media, her faves from the new collection and how she balances vintage style with modern pieces. She’s such a sweet person and it was nice connecting with her in real life!

The Salty Blonde - Halley Elefante - Kate Spade Honolulu - Kate Spade Leopard Leopard Leopard - Kate Spade Collection - Communikait by Kait Hanson - Kate Spade Styling

2. I have shopped at Lululemon for years, but Dane was always convinced that their clothing for men was for physiques that were slightly more slim than his build. When he saw their new line of joggers on LululemonHNL’s Instagram, he told me…I want to go check those out. Thankfully the ladies over at Lululemon understood his concerns and invited him in for a fun try-on session. The short answer is that he feel HARD for their line of ABCs. He said that not only are they “not tight in places where they shouldn’t be” but they also don’t “smush his junk” or “make my quads feel like they are getting smothered”. He loves the joggers for yoga and wears the pants to work! This is a PSA for any guys who may think they don’t have the “right” body type for this line.

Lululemon Men - Lululemon ABC Pant- Lululemon for Muscular Men - Lululemon Jogger for Men - Lululemon Guys - Fitness Pant for Men - Communikait by Kait Hanson

3. A few days before I left, Dane and I got to work on a really fun project in Honolulu. I can’t tell too many details about it until it goes public, but I can share this whimsical shot. It was the first time Dane and I got to join forces and we loved it! It was a day full of fun, sun and all things Oahu 😉 I can’t wait to share more…hopefully soon!

Honolulu - Oahu - Hawaii - Hawaii Photos - Hawaii Life - Hawaii Vacation - Swim Coverup - Beach Coverup - Tassels - Neon Beachwear - Coconut Drink - Curly Hair - Wavy Hair - Beach Hair - Communikait by Kait Hanson

4. One of my favorite freelance gigs is being a regular contributor over on the Collective Bias blog and recently they gave me the opportunity to talk about the role social media plays during emergencies and natural disasters. I spent a lot of time researching and learning for this one, but I think it’s definitely something that is important, especially given the scary state of our world. If it’s a topic that is of interest to you, definitely check it out!

5. Some of you may have noticed that this site is loading a lot faster and has become a bit more user friendly in the past week. I went to Fran and said girl – since you are the QUEEN OF CODE, what can you do to help me speed this space up and give it a little facelift in the commenting section? She went above and beyond behind the scenes. She helped to fix The Great Disqus Debacle of 2017 and even arranged my archives so that posts are easier to find in specific topics. In any case, whether you need a full blog overhaul or just a little help getting your site’s shit straight – she’s your girl!

How was your week? What are you looking forward to this weekend?

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  • Fran is the best of the best. Ever. Glad she was able to help you!

    • YES SHE IS! A damn magician! She had me all fixed up and squared away in just a few hours! I love her!

  • Love lulu– will have to check out their men’s line

    • It’s awesome! Dane says they fit “better than any fitness pants he’s ever tried!” And he’s picky so that is saying A LOT!

  • Jen

    Yay for your site loading quicker! Fran is seriously a genius!!!

    • She totally is and I’m so happy I brought her on to help me! Quick and painless and she totally rocked it! 🙂

  • Yesss! It’s so much faster! I’m currently in the process of smushing my images, to help things run faster as well, but I’m going to look into getting some help from Fran in the new year!

    • I am SO glad to hear that feedback. I have debated for months on what the heck to do and finally realized it was beyond anything I could fix myself. She had it figured out in a matter of hours. So smart and so efficient. I would hire her again in an instant!