Today I Am…

I had an entirely different post scheduled in for today, but sharing a new recipe or my favorite coffee shops on Maui seems tone deaf to what is going on around me. Yesterday I woke up to the horrific news of Las Vegas as the world watched tragedy unfold and the death/injury toll rise. When Dane and I went to bed on Sunday, I briefly saw a headline that two had been injured at a concert. I’ll be honest, I didn’t even click on it, because I wrongly assumed that the concert had gotten rowdy (as they sometimes do) and some people took the brunt of it. I could never have dreamed of the sad reality Monday morning brought with it.

In Times Of Tragedy - Quote

I know myself, and probably countless others, look at the world we live in and wonder…how did we get to a place where mass shootings are a norm? To a place where you wonder if you go to a mall, or movie theater or hell – send your kid to school – that it will be the last place you visit? It terrifies me.

Today I am…

…scared about the amount of hate in the world we live in.

…seeking advice on the best ways to help those in Las Vegas? I know Jen is putting together a list of resources, but I’m open to more!

…praying for the victims and families who have been impacted by this tragedy and all the others dealing with aftershocks of natural disasters.

…hopeful that those who have remained silent until now speak out, take action, be the change they wish to see. (This is – in no way – a politically skewed point – but if you have thoughts or feelings toward guns, violence, legislation, any of it… – talk about it!) Remaining silent on things that matter to you should not be an option anymore, regardless of how you feel.

…wondering what will be next? My generation alone has witnessed Columbine, Virginia Tech, Aurora, Sandy Hook, San Bernadino, Orlando and now Las Vegas.

…hoping that through all of this we can, as a society, learn to be a but freaking nicer to each other.

Needless to say – I am left seriously questioning my faith in humanity. How do we live in a world packed to the brim with so much hurt?

Yesterday, while trying to process it all and driving with both dogs, my car unexplainably turned itself off in the middle of a 5 lane highway during rush hour in pouring rain. Cars swerving and honking around me, some even generously rolling down their windows to scream obscenities. Out of nowhere, an older gentleman stopped, came to my car and said – I have a tow and straps, let’s get you to the side of the road. What are the chances?!?

This is all to say that if you, like me, question your faith in humanity….know this: Good people DO exist. We must never stop looking for the helpers.

Mister Rogers - Look For The Helpers

Sending nothing but love out to each and every one of you.


  • All well said, my friend. You’ve said this all so much better than I could begin to. I’m just speechless. This stuff affects me so much that I truly have a hard time saying anything on the internet at all. Blah. Such a horrific series of events lately. I felt physically nauseous at one point yesterday. Ah. Anyway… great job tackling this one. <3

  • Jen

    I am still processing all of this as well as waiting to hear about more friends that were there. I just don’t understand any of these senseless acts. Thank you for tackling this.