Gift Guide For The Dog + Dog Lovers

You didn’t seriously think I’d forget the most important family members, did you? This gift guide is for the dogs of your house and for those of you that are dog lovers like me. There’s a little something for both in this gift guide 😉 I couldn’t leave out some of my own very favorite dog-related items so I wanted to make sure I included those in this apropos guide. So, without further ado…
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Stocking Stuffers For The Dog + Dog Lovers

KONG Stuffed ToyKONG Bone – The KONG brand is one of the only ones that the Hanson Labs don’t destroy in five seconds flat. These stuffed KONG toys last FOREVER in this house and I’m not quite sure why or how, but I chalk it up to being well made. The KONG rubber bones can be stuffed with treats and keeps them busy for 10-20 minutes while they try to get out the food. LAB TESTED AND APPROVED.

GULPY Portable Water Bottle – The first and last time we got stuck in traffic with the dogs I decided we needed one of these. For less than $10, you have all the features of a water bowl without all the sloppy mess!

Slow Feeder – The Hanson Labs are chowhounds and after Bill got bloat as a puppy, I wasn’t taking any chances. These slow feeders are a GOD SEND! Not only do they slow down the eating patterns for the dogs, they give me peace of mind and there’s honestly no price tag on that. They’re less than $20 each right now!

Light Up Ball – This is hands down Bill’s favorite toy. He jumps around like a crazy man when he sees it, so when we are done playing light up ball for the night we have to hide it in a drawer or he will sit and stare at it for hours. It’s SUCH a good Lab (or other big, running dog) toy and we keep an extra for the day when it (inevitably) stops working!

Rope Leash – Dane actually found these for the first time on a late-night internet shopping binge. Since, we’ve told all our friends and my parents (who have a rowdy black Lab) and they’ve all given us rave reviews on these rope leashes. They stand the test of time and endurance for any fellow dog owners with some pullers on their hands!

Hydro Flask – Unless you’ve been under a rock, you know that my sun rises and sets with these amazing water bottles, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I recommend them for pets, too! They keep water ICE COLD, which is pretty essential for a hot day at the beach and a tired pup. Trust me, your dog will thank you 🙂

Travel Bowl – Collapsable bowls are a must out here on the beach. I love that I can store treats in them while we are on-the-go and serve up some water to the dogs while we are at the beach, park or on a trip at a rest stop. This two pack is less than $10!

Rawhide Free Bones – What are the holidays without a few treats? Not fun! We are a rawhide-free house and these peanut butter yummies from SmartBones are Hanson Lab approved!

And now for a few people products for dog lovers…

Drink Stirrers – What’s not to love about your favorite pooch in the form of a drink stirrer? Totally customizable for breeds + color this is a no-brainer!

Cocktail Napkins – Truth be told, August Morgan has the most beautiful cocktail napkins starring animals of all types, but I’m obviously partial to the Retriever set 😉 They are perfect to dress up a lovely Tuesday evening cocktail. Everything is more fun with a fancy sidekick right?!

Graphic Tee – I got this t-shirt almost 5 years ago and whenever I wear it, people still ask me – HEY! Where did you find that? Thug Life Shirts, of course. They also have some incredibly witty alternatives that are worth checking out!

Underwater Dogs + Peanut Butter Dogs –  I love a good coffee table book and these are two of my favorites! The photos are absolutely hysterical, so hats off to the incredible photographers who captured them.

Cards For Canines – Judy and Bill are proud owners of their own custom water color prints by Cards for Canines. I love this brand so, so much and the owner Abby is about as talented as they come. She gives a portion of her proceeds to local shelters and can draw just about any animal you submit. Check her out and be sure to tell her Kait sent you!

What are you gifting your furry family members this year?

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