10 Books To Read If You Liked “Behind Closed Doors”

I have been on a total reading bender around here and I LOVE IT! You guys – I think I forgot how much books feed my soul. I know that sounds cheesy as all hell, but there’s something about diving face first into a novel, not being able to put it down and feeling genuinely sad when it’s over. If you’re new around here, I’m a psychological thriller junkie and I can’t get enough to books that involve murder, crime, suspense and an element of “WTF?!” – anyone else feel me on this?! Honestly, the more twisted the better. For me “Behind Closed Doors” was the total package for that. If you felt the same way -you’re in luck! Today I’m sharing 10 Books To Read If You Liked “Behind Closed Doors”…

10 Books To Read If You Liked "Behind Closed Doors" - B.A. Paris - Psychological Thriller Books To Read - Book Recommendations - Mystery Book - Thriller Books To Read - Book Recommendations For Women - Communikait by Kait Hanson

10 Books To Read If You Liked “Behind Closed Doors”

1. The Lying Game

2. Everything We Left Behind (but read Everything We Keep first!)

3. Into The Water

4. The Woman In Cabin 10

5. Luckiest Girl Alive

6. The Silent Wife

7. The Surrogate

8. Liar

9. I Am Watching YOU

10. Guilty

I should also note that B. A. Paris’ second book, “The Break Down” is also REALLY good. It’s on my other book list, which is why I didn’t include it again on this one. But speaking of – if you haven’t checked it out yet, be sure to pop over to read 10 Books To Read If You Liked “Big Little Lies” – it’s a good one and filled with some equally amazing reads!

So tell me – what are you reading lately? Even if it’s not a psychological thriller…spill! Every now and then I do a bit of ‘lighter’ reading so I would love any and all recommendations.

PSST! Totally not a thriller, but if you need a swift kick in the pants, a pick-me-up or just in general a little inspiration, I cannot recommend this book enough!


  • ellen ross

    Yo legit I’ve read like every one of these and I loved them ALL!

    • YAY! That makes me so happy to hear. Any recommendations for me?!