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Happy Friday, everyone! Is it me or did this week just seem to drag on forever and ever?! Maybe it’s because the first two days this week my legs were JELLO. I felt like the weight of the world was sitting on my left hip and sore would be an understatement in my quads and calves, but by Wednesday I was feeling like a whole new woman and good enough to hit the pavement again. I know it sounds nuts, but my mind needed that release. I had been couped up for two days! Anyway – I’m not even considering any more long runs for awhile, but it felt so good to get out there. Now, let’s dish some details, shall we?

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First and foremost, these candy ornaments from Anne have been dancing in my head ever since I saw them on her blog. They are SO CUTE and I have brainstorming when I can make them this season. If not – I’m totally getting creative and doing some for Valentine’s Day!

Second…Any local Hawaii readers tuning in? This Saturday I’m hosting an “All That Glitters” holiday pop-up event at Kate Spade at Ala Moana. Come out for sips, snacks, shopping and SPARKLE! We are going to be talking about holiday accessories, gifting and more, so I would love, love, love to see you there! PLUS – there’s an exclusive discount and giveaway happening so come out and bring a friend or two! 🙂

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Third – I’m working on a post on my favorite workout essentials – basically what got me through marathon training and then race day. Is this something that people are interested in or am I just writing it for myself?! LOL! I genuinely want to help, so be sure to let me know if there are any specific questions you have!

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And speaking of the marathon – Dane got me the cutest little surprise as a congratulatory present that totally blew me away. He knows I’m an Anthropologie lover, so when these festive pom pom slides were on my nightstand the next morning, I nearly cried! He said “I know how much you love a good pom and tassel.” Well said, my love, well said.

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Last but certainly not least, I wanted to give an update on my LipSense trial. If you read my initial post, you know I was a bit skeptical to try it and wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I have given a fair 6 month trial and it’s safe to say I really, genuinely like the product. So let’s chat details…

The Pros of Lipsense: It definitely lasts and there’s no mistaking that. I really like that there is a remover that comes with it for when you apply it just a little too liberally. They also have a great selection of colors to choose from and being able to layer the colors to create your own custom/unique color is fun too. One of my FAVORITE things is the glosses you can get to go over the colors. They have shimmer ones that I wore for my friend’s wedding in NY and it was so freaking fab.

The only downside that I noticed is that my lips get dried out SO FAST using this product. Like, I haven’t experienced dry lips like this since they got chapped one summer at band camp, LOL. Needless to say – it hasn’t prohibited me from using it, because I do really like that it stays on and does what it claims to do, but in full disclosure I wanted to let anyone who is considering trying it my honest to goodness opinion.

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How was your week? Are you ready for the holidays?

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December 18, 2017


  • LauraW

    You should try Maybelline Superstay 24 hour lipstick! I haven’t had success with lipsense, but Maybelline stays on until I scrub it off at night! And it only uses ONE coat. My lips dried out so horribly from lipsense I spent three days using intensive lip moisturizer before I could put any color on again. I never have that problem with 24 hour lipstick (I’ll even use regular chapstick over it and it stays on!)

    • I am totally testing this out! Thank you for sharing!

  • I agree about LipSense; It’s a legit product. Major high five to Dane for thinking about your interests and getting you a sweet congratulatory gift like that!! Good man. 🙂 Excited for you to host your Kate Spade event tomorrow! Can’t wait to hear about it! xoxo

    • Isn’t it so sweet?! I was floored that he had picked something like that since I had had my eye on them from the catalog for weeks! He even got two sizes since he couldn’t be sure. I think I’ll keep him 😉 And thank you! Let’s hop on a call next week PRETTY PLEASE!

  • Cindy

    Hi, Kait! I’ve tried LipSense and it did not work for me. Trust me when I say I tried numerouse “fixes”, from using witch hazel to clean my lips before applying to moisturizing intensely over night to using the glossy llip gloss (instead of matte) to questioning the product and trying a new tube. I had a great distrubutor who supported my trials, but eventually just figured the dried, cracked look I got from LipSense was due to menopause (not that YOU are even close to it! Lol). I’ve read a comment about Maybelline Superstay and will give that a try because I really like the concept of longevity with lip color. Thanks for your blog. Merry Christmas to you and your family🎄

    • Hi Cindy! I’m so happy you commented – someone else shared a very similar LipSense experience as yours, so I’m not sure that yours is isolated at all. I’m going to try the Maybelline as well! I can’t wait to see what your results are so be sure to let me know 🙂 Thanks for reading and commenting – I love hearing from readers. Wishing you the Merriest Christmas! XOX

  • Oh my gosh those slides!! And I hope you get a chance to have fun making the ornaments – Valentine’s would be such a great time to do a twist on them too!

    • Aren’t they a dream? I can’t get enough and I’m wondering if I can get them in a backup pair LOL! I think it may have to be Valentine’s Day at this point because I can’t muster the energy for one more craft, ha!

  • Wish I could be there in HI!! I know it’ll be fab!!
    I’m a big fan of LipSense too. If I take a break from using it, my lips BURN, but it stays on SO well, so I can’t complain!

    • I wish you could be here too!! So sad 🙁 Come back okay? YES!! It totally does burn, especially if I haven’t used it in awhile. It stays on, but man – that drying out of my lips kills me. Some other people have recommended the Maybelline Superstay so I may see if that burns…I’ll keep you posted! Enjoy some of that snow for me 😉