Live Like A Local: Anacortes, Washington

It’s time for another Live Like A Local destination!

Live Like A Local is a series I wanted to create in an effort to expand the travel section of my blog beyond where I live and have personally been. I wanted to create a resource for anyone reading who might be 1. traveling to other areas, 2. live in other areas or 3. moving somewhere new! I’ve been to some cool places, but I haven’t lived everywhere and what is better than some insider knowledge, eh?!

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Now, on with the show…Today we are visiting Anacortes, Washington!

Live Like A Local: Anacortes, Washington - Communikait

Name: Jane Davidson

City: Anacortes, WA

Live Like A Local: Anacortes, Washington - Communikait
Anacortes and the surrounding area is truly a beautiful area!

What is it about Anacortes that makes it different from other cities?

Anacortes is a sweet little community on an island in the Pacific Northwest. It’s originally a fishing village that is surrounded by the most beautiful sights. I’m constantly feeling blessed to live in such a beautiful place! The sense of community is so strong, and there are so many different walks of life that find themselves in Anacortes. There is a very large military presence, being a close drive to NAS Whidbey.
Live Like A Local: Anacortes, Washington - Communikait
For outdoor lovers, the camping and fishing in Washington is amazing!

What is the best time of year to visit?

Summer! The summers in Anacortes, and the Pacific Northwest simply are incredible. While, Washington gets a bad rap for being rainy all the time, that is really only the winter months. In the summer, every single day is sunny, and 70. It never gets much hotter than 75 or much cooler than 65 during the summer months. The perfect temperature to get outside and enjoy all the outdoor activities Washington has to offer! There are over 50 miles of trails just within city limits, and probably twice that on the island. There are lakes to swim, fish, or float in, mountains to climb, beaches to comb, kayak trips to take and so much more! You can easily hop a ferry to go island hopping as Anacortes is the gateway to the San Juan Islands.
Live Like A Local: Anacortes, Washington - Communikait
The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival is one of my favorite events!

Are there any cool festivals or annual events that are not to be missed here?

There are more cool festivals and events in and around Anacortes than you could shake a stick at! The other weekend was our annual Arts Festival, coming up there is Bier on the Pier, a beer festival. My personal favorite is the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival, where over a million tulips bloom every April. There is the Spring Wine Festival, Shipwreck Day, Oyster Run, the Waterfront Festival and more! All summer long, you can easily find a festival or event to go to in Anacortes or the surrounding area.
Live Like A Local: Anacortes, Washington - Communikait
Finnriver Cidery is a short drive and ferry ride away!
Live Like A Local: Anacortes, Washington - Communikait
Schweinhaus Biergarten is in a neighboring town and is the best spot for craft beers, poutine, and playing cornhole in the sunshine! Plus, that dreamboat!

Places to eat?

Anacortes is a foodie’s delight! And, if you’re up for a drive, there is even more right at your fingertips! If it’s your first time in town, I usually suggest A-Town. They serve Pacific Northwestern fare that is to die for! Union Tavern is one of my favorites. It’s a casual, trendy bar with an extensive, rotating craft beer list and unique bar food. If you’re up for a ferry ride, Finnriver Cidery is my new favorite hot spot. It has delicious food, ciders, lawn games and live music. Schweinhaus is another summertime favorite of mine in Bellingham. A Biergarten serving up hot pretzels and rotating local beers. So, no matter what you’re looking for, Anacortes and beyond has your cravings covered! Or if you’re looking for something closer to home, come over to our house, Tom (the hunky boyfriend) will happily whip up one of his world famous (or at least they should be!) dinners.
Live Like A Local: Anacortes, Washington - Communikait
Just a day at the beach in the Pacific Northwest!

What is the area known for?

Anacortes is known as the Gateway to the San Juans because of the ferry that will take you to many of the beautiful San Juan islands as well as Victoria, BC! Not only is Anacortes a destination in it’s own right, it’s also an easy location to get to many other interesting places. It’s a vacationer’s paradise, with a quaint downtown area full of bustling restaurants and small boutique shops full of unique items. There isn’t much in the way of big box stores, other than a large boating store and a pharmacy. Almost all other shops are local treasures that you won’t find elsewhere.
Live Like A Local: Anacortes, Washington - Communikait
Favorite date night outfit!

 What do you do on a Friday night?

I’m a big fan of date night. If the weather is nice, we will head down to The Cabana at Anthony’s for a drink (seasonal cocktail for me, local craft beer for Tom) and a game of bocce ball. Since the court is right on the marina, we will often times go walk around looking at million dollar yachts and fishing boats on our way to live music that the town puts on every Friday evening in the summers. After we listen to the concert we will pick out one of the amazing restaurants for a bite and a drink before playing a game of shuffleboard.
Live Like A Local: Anacortes, Washington - Communikait
There are tons of great camping locations around Anacortes!

Cool places to stay?

The Majestic Inn is always my first suggestion to people. It’s a beautiful historic hotel right downtown in “Old Town” surrounded by shops, restaurants and only a couple blocks from the water. Another really unique hotel is The Ship Harbor Inn. It’s perched above the water with incredible water and island views, access to beautiful trails, and adjacent to the ferry terminal where you can hop a ride to the surrounding islands.

Live Like A Local: Anacortes, Washington - Communikait
View from Deception Pass

 If there isn’t a major airport nearby what is the best way to get there?

If you’re not driving distance, the best way to get to Anacortes is to fly into Bellingham International Airport which is about an hour away. And, then you also get to stop in Bellingham, which is a darling college town. But, it’s a small airport, and not all airlines fly into Bellingham. So, the second best way is to fly into SeaTac in Seattle. This is the closest major airport and is a 90 minute drive to Anacortes.

 Special thanks to Jane for showing us all around beautiful Anacortes! If you’re planning a trip to Washington or want to learn more, be sure to follow Jane on Twitter and Instagram. She also blogs over at Typically Jane so be sure to check her out there, too 🙂

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  • This was SO fun being a part of this series! Thanks so much for having me chica! I love singing praises of the Pacific Northwest. <3

  • Jen

    Kyle absolutely loved his college years living in Washington and it’s a place that I’ve always wanted to visit. Maybe someday.