Happy Birthday To Me + 30 Before 30

Happy Birthday to me! Today is my 29th birthday and I’ll be honest – it just really feels like any other day, except for the fact that today marks the official start of the last year in my 20s. EEK! I’m not scared about 30, but I definitely feel like 30 marks totally unchartered territory and a fresh new chapter. I also am reminded that when I was in my teens I thought 30 was old. GULP! My twenties have been absolutely amazing, but I’m really eager to see what my 30s have in store 🙂 In order to commemorate closing out this decade of my life, I created a 30 Before 30 “bucket list” of sorts and I’m vying to complete as many as I can before January 12, 2019 rolls around! So, let’s get down to it.

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30 Before 30

1. Read More! Ideally – 1 Book Per Month

2. Land A Book Deal

3. Pay Attention To Details

4. Develop A Morning Routine

5. Run A Marathon – DONE! Read more here.

6. Swim With Sharks

7. Visit Greece

8. Donate Anything I Don’t Use Or Wear

9. Match Dane’s Salary

10. Trip With College Girlfriends

11. Try A New Recipe Per Month

12. Stress Less About Small Things

13. Take Care Of My Skin

14. Move Back To The Mainland

15. Get Back On Board With Meal Planning

16. Spend A Girl’s Weekend With My Mom

17. Go On Vacation With Both Sets Of Parents

18. Host A Pinterest-Worthy Dinner Party

19. Ice Skate At Rockefeller Plaza

20. Donate Time/Money To One Charity Per Month

21. Learn How To Meditate/Enjoy Yoga

22. Expand Our Family by 4 legs

23. Reduce Waste (reusable bottles, less paper towels, etc)

24. Go Offline For A Week

25. Pay Off My Student Loan

26. Send More Snail Mail

27. Call My Grandma More Often

28. Ride In A Hot Air Balloon

29. Throw/Attend A Theme Party

30. Go RVing

Whew! Just looking at that list is a little bit intimidating, but knowing I have a full year to check things off makes it a little more digestible. So let’s chat – would you add anything to the list? Did you create a 30 Before 30? I would love to hear what was on your list!


  • Happy birthday, Kait! These are great goals to hit before 30!

    • Thank you Fran! I’m excited for another year of tackling goals 🙂

  • Happy birthday!! I hope you have an awesome day (or year, really, haha 😛 ). Best of luck to you on your 30 before 30! I really need to do some of these too! The student loan one is gonna take forever though. :[

    • Thank you so much, Farrah! The student loan one is daunting, but I just want them GONE! LOL – I am sure anyone with student loans can relate to that one.

  • Happy Birthday! This is a great list and it’s a whole lot to accomplish in the next year. I’m turning 30 next month so I’ve set a goal for year 30 – to stop caring what other people think of me. As a people pleaser, it’s super hard but I’ve been working to block out those “but what will so-and-so think” thoughts when they enter my mind. My favorite on this list is “call Grandma more often”. I’ve been trying to do the same and I think it’s made both me and my Grammy really happy.

  • 30 is fun, but I will admit the early 30s feels super weird when I hire college-aged babysitters and I wonder what they heck they must think of me/my age. I don’t feel like THAT much of a grownup, but being a homeowner and parent seemed like such a whole different world when I was in college that it made 30-somethings seem way older…

    Anyway. Happy birthday! I’m so excited you’re doing a 3- before 30 list – I loved doing mine. And I love reading others’! Visit Greece is totally on a list of things I’d like to do in life, so I look forward to your recap when you go 🙂 And you go girl on #9!

  • Love these goals!
    For the shark swimming, if you want to be in the water with them freely, I recommend off of Ambergris Caye in Belize for non-dangerous sharks and rays, and the Galapagos for the sketchier ones (I swam above hammerheads at Kicker Rock, and was in a cave full of white-tips off of Isabela Island). If you’re looking for ethical cage diving, there’s a cool project with great white sharks off of Guadalupe Island in Baja, Mexico (that one I haven’t done yet).
    I’m excited to see how all these turn out and you’ve inspired me to think about my own 30 before 30… I’ve got 11+ months left, eeeeeeek