All About Kait

Aloha + welcome! My name is Kait. I’m a freelance writer and the visionary behind CommuniKait. After residing on the east coast, working for the NFL and meeting my husband Dane, I traded leather boots for Birkenstocks and now live here in Hawaii! You could say I’m equal parts sassy and smart-assy – always dishing out a sarcastic comment! I’m a margarita fanatic, serial jet-setter and a lover of classic Ray-Bans. You can usually find me playing with my dogs, trying a new recipe, online shopping or watching football. Ninety nine percent of the time, I’m rocking my gym clothes and if I’m not, you best bet I’ll document it (and share my outfit deets)! My goal is to use CommuniKait to inspire you to take great care of yourself; get more sleep, take more hikes, eat amazing food and spend more time doing the things you love!


My work has been nationally recognized by BlogHer and BlogPaws for writing and social media, as well as featured on The Today Show, Style Me Pretty, PEOPLE Magazine, POPSUGAR and more. In June 2015, my first book, Sweet Eats & Dog Treats, a self-published dessert lovers dream, debuted on iTunes.


I love snail mail and think handwriting is important.


I’m still listening to music from decades past.


My husband and I met through letter writing. See? It’s important! 😉


I live in athletic apparel (never know when you might be able to fit in a workout)!


I love to people watch.